Hypochlorous Acid Reduces Eczema-Related Itching in 24-72 Hours

Results of an investigator-blinded scientific study regarding itch levels in subjects diagnosed with atopic dermatitis (AD/eczema) showed the application of hypochlorous acid reduced AD-related itching within 24 hours, with significant reduction in 72 hours.

Participants in the study were divided into two groups. At the beginning of the study, the mean "itch score" reported by both groups was similar. One group treated eczema areas with topical hypochlorous acid, while the other left the area untreated. Participants in the first group reported a reduction in AD-associated  itching at 24 hours. At 72 hours, 73.7% of subjects in the group using hypochlorous acid reported a reduction in itching, compared to only 30% of subjects in the untreated group.

No one in the treated group reported adverse effects to the treatment or discontinued during the study. Read more about the study here.

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