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What is the difference between Grounded and Shockwave?

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Both Grounded and Shockwave are pure hypochlorous acid in electrolyzed water. The difference is in the pH and salt level. Grounded is designed for daily use, and therefore has slightly less salt and a slightly higher pH, close to the natural pH of skin. Shockwave is designed for aftercare, with a salt and pH level selected specifically to support short-term skin healing.

My product smells a bit like chlorinated water. Why is this?

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Hypochlorous acid is in the chlorine family. However, our products are vastly different from, say, pool water. To make our version, we combine water and salt in an electrolytic chamber and run an electric current through it. This changes the molecular structure to make hypochlorous acid (HOCl). HOCl is naturally produced by your white blood cells when skin is damaged and is extremely non-irritating.

Grounded FAQ

When using Grounded, will my skin experience any purging?

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It is possible your skin will experience purging when you first start using Grounded. Skin purging is annoying, but it can be a good thing! Your skin is clearing out the buildup that can clog pores to make way for the newer, healthier skin beneath. Purging should be over within 4 to 6 weeks of beginning any new skincare product.

Shockwave FAQ

Will Shockwave bleach my tattoo?

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No! The hypochlorous acid in Shockwave was tested with tattoo artists and does not affect the color of a tattoo in any way.

I just got a tattoo/ microneedling/ another cosmetic procedure and the professional told me to use a specific moisturizer while healing. Does this mean I should not use Shockwave?

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Nope! Shockwave works in combination with wet healing recommended by your tattoo artist or cosmetic professional. Scientific studies show hypochlorous acid is an antimicrobial and helps fight off infections, which is important when your skin has been pierced by needles. Customers say hypochlorous acid sped their healing process and reduced or eliminated skin irritation while healing. However, skin often itches following tattooing and cosmetic procedures and this is when the balm recommended by your professional comes in handy – just make sure to wait 15-20 seconds after applying Shockwave.

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