Hypochlorous Acid for Microneedling Aftercare

Whether you are getting a professional microneedling session with your dermatologist or aesthetician or using a derma roller on your own at home, hypochlorous acid is the perfect solution for follow-up care. 

The whole purpose of microneedling is to stimulate your skin’s natural immune response to injury. The tiny pinpricks cause slight injury to the skin and it responds by creating new, healthier, better looking skin tissue. Hypochlorous acid plays a primary role in your skin's immune response; it is what your white blood cells produce when skin is damaged.

Not only do the antimicrobial effects of hypochlorous acid ward off infections that might result from those little skin pricks—hypochlorous acid also stimulates skin’s natural immune response, soothes skin irritated by microneedling, and helps you see results faster.



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