Demodex Mites, Common Skin Issues, and Hypochlorous Acid

I first discovered hypochlorous acid because of 8-legged mites that live on my face. Gross, right? Well, they live on yours too. They are called demodex mites and scientists believe they live on all humans. We have a symbiotic relationship, but scientists are still working out whether that relationship is helpful to humans, harmful to us, or doesn’t help or harm.

Scientists do know demodex mites live in our pores and come out to mate on our faces at night. Research also indicates an overabundance of demodex mites may contribute to conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema. This is how I came to learn about hypochlorous acid. I hit 40 years old and still did not have clear skin. Honestly, my skin was all over the place. It was dry, it was oily. I had pimples, occasional cystic acne, and wrinkles. My internet research (aka Dr. Google) suggested demodex might play a role in some of my skin issues.

Most of the suggested ways to rid oneself of demodex involve the use of veterinary shampoos/soaps, but they were questionable—not to mention, I did not want to use veterinary products for months. I found this article discussing promising new methods to get rid of demodex. The article said:

“Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a naturally occurring substance produced by white blood cells as a first defense against microbial invaders. Its antimicrobial properties were recognized more than 100 years ago, when solutions containing HOCl were used to combat infections in the wounds of soldiers injured in WWI.
Only recently, however, has it been possible to manufacture a stable, pure version of HOCl. HOCl has potent antimicrobial properties. Laboratory studies show that it effectively kills the nymph form of the Demodex mites, as well as the Bacillus oleronius and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria that live on eyelids and that are found inside the Demodex gut. In addition, HOCl also neutralizes the inflammatory toxins released by both mites and bacteria.”

I started using hypochlorous acid and my skin cleared up in 2 weeks. I did have a slight purging period in the beginning, which really seemed like my pimples were progressing through their natural healing process at warp speed.

I don’t know if my skin is still clear (and brighter!) 4 months later because hypochlorous acid killed the demodex or because this miracle liquid has so many other benefits, but I don’t care why it’s better—and you won’t care why your skin looks better either! Be happier with your skin. Check out our hypochlorous acid daily care and aftercare products.

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