Is ELEKTRICS Shockwave Sterile Saline?

We recommend ELEKTRICS Shockwave as an aftercare product for piercings, so many people ask us if it is sterile saline (what the APP recommends for aftercare). It is sterile and it is saline, but it is not what the FDA considers "sterile saline". I'll explain.

A saline solution is defined as "a solution of salt in water." Shockwave begins with only two ingredients: salt and water. An electric current is run through the solution to change the molecular structure of the resulting solution into salt, water, and hypochlorous acid. It remains an isotonic saline solution, but now includes .02% hypochlorous acid (a mild acid naturally found in the human body). 

Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines sterile as "free from living organisms and especially pathogenic microorganisms". Shockwave is free from all microorganisms and, thus, sterile. In fact, hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is an active anti-microbial, so not only is Shockwave free from bacteria, but it will also kill bacteria. 

However, to define a solution as "sterile saline", the FDA currently requires it to go through a terminal sterilization process such as UV, gamma irradiation, or heat treatment to kill any microorganisms. Such a process would destroy the hypochlorous acid that serves as the sterilization agent in Shockwave. Shockwave does not require terminal sterilization to prevent the growth of organisms; the hypochlorous acid itself inhibits any microbial contamination or growth.*

In addition, hypochlorous acid is known to provide numerous benefits that make Shockwave a better solution than typical sterile saline for piercing aftercare. 


*Our hypochlorous was tested in a independent, accredited GLP laboratory and its effectiveness has been demonstrated through testing (according to USP <51> Antimicrobial Effectiveness). 

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